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If you’ve experienced a loss of breast shape or volume due to breastfeeding, pregnancy or weight loss, fat transfer breast augmentation could be the treatment you need to restore your body confidence. Also referred to as ‘lipomodelling’ or ‘fat grafting’ the procedure represents a natural long-term solution to the issue.

For ladies out there who are new to the concept, here we look into what’s involved with fat transfer breast augmentation, detailing what you can expect when receiving the treatment yourself. We’ll briefly cover the benefits, any known physical after-effects and other useful information to help you decide whether it’s something that suits you and your needs.

But First, An Explanation of The Treatment 

When compared to traditional breast surgery involving implants, fat transfer breast augmentation is far less invasive, but very effective at restoring breast shape and volume. During the process, fat is removed from areas of the body in which there is an excess, and introduced directly into the breast, allowing the body’s own fat cells to achieve the intended results. 

Typically speaking, when you have fat transfer breast augmentation carried out, fat cells are removed from the tummy and thigh area and it’s a treatment that can also be used by women with asymmetrical or uneven breast sizes. 

Breasts Look Natural Because They ARE!

For decades, women have been having implant-based augmentation breast surgery, which often doesn’t offer a completely natural look. Fat transfer procedures, on the other hand, do offer natural-looking results and that’s because they ARE natural results achieved by using the patient’s own cells. 

This has led to the treatment enjoying a significant increase in popularity, particularly when talking about ladies who only want a slight size enhancement. What’s more, it’s typically a long-lasting solution, with breasts settling down into a permanent shape and size after about 3 months.

What Are the After-effects Like?

As with any type of procedure or treatment that involves breaking the skin, those undergoing fat transfer breast augmentation can expect mild swelling and bruising around the area. Some ladies also experience temporary numbness and initially at least, some small scars in the areas fat transfer has been carried out. All this is to be expected, but should improve quickly afterwards.

The results of this safe treatment are permanent, however, with a few caveats. The body does re-absorb some of the fat cells back into the body during the first few months – so you may lose a little volume during that period, but that should stop completely by month three.

Who Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Suitable For?

Ok, so we already know that fat transfer is ideal for ladies who want a natural-looking breast enhancement without invasive implant surgery, but is there anyone who it’s not suitable for? Well, yes, you will need to be at least a 10-12 UK dress size, as there needs to be sufficient fat resources to use.

That, however, is the only known reason why the procedure might not be for you, although during your consultation, if there are any other health-related reasons why it’s not suitable for you, they will be addressed in due course. So, don’t assume it’s not for you until you try!

Non-Invasive, Permanent & Natural-Looking

So, when you consider that fat transfer breast augmentation is not only able to offer permanent results in adding breast shape and volume, but also in a way that’s totally natural-looking and much less invasive than implants, then we believe you should give it some serious consideration. 

It essentially uses your own cells too, rather than introducing a foreign object into your body, so it’s far, far gentler than traditional alternatives could ever be.

So, if you like the sound of getting those firm, fuller breasts that you used to have back again, why not look into fat transfer treatment? It might just be something that’s able to make you want to put that bikini on again this Summer, so it’s certainly worth thinking about, wouldn’t you say?

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